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Transition to a new Pastor

Leadership Resources

Part of the growth experience in a congregation is accepting a new leadership role.  By serving in leadership we face new challenges, we gain new appreciation for the people of God, and we learn and grow as stewards of the skills and material resources that God has placed in our hands to do God's work.  This page is intended to help new and existing leaders connect with online resources for principles, practices, and subjects that we encounter in congregational leadership.  To suggest additional resources, email  


Leadership Resources


Strategic Planning

Living into the Future Together (LIFT)
Strategic Evangelical Missional Planning (SEMP) Documents

STRATEGIC: Carefully, Thoroughly, Intentionally Developed
EVANGELICAL: Sharing the Good News of Christ in Word and Deed
MISSION: Continuing Reseponsibility to which We are Called and Sent
PLANNING: Creating a Pathway for the Future.

LIFT Committee Work

LIFT Synod Assembly 2012 Resolution
Synod Assembly Summary discussion of LIFT

LIFT Meeting Notes Oct 30, 2012
LIFT Meeting Notes Jan 3, 2013

LIFT Survey:  1/20/2013

LIFT Survey Results

LIFT Meeting Minutes Feb 7, 2013

Strategic Planning Exercise Agenda

General World Cafe Exercise
LIFT Training Manual

Meetings & Administration   Roberts Rules - Simplified

The "cranberry hymnal", Evangelical Lutheran Worship, is the primary worship resource for the ELCA.  It contains music, liturgy, readings, orders of worship for different occasions, prayers and much more. 

We draw from other sources for songs and music, especially for our Prayer and Praise service.  CCLI is one of those additional sources of licensed songs.  A designated member reports our song usage through CCLI regularly so artists are appropriately compensated.. 

The Cyber Hymnal is another way to explore a broad range of Christian songs and hymns for worship or Christian education purposes.

ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Worship resources

CCLI Song Select

The Cyber Hymnal


Publications   ELCA Publishing House::  Augsburg Fortress
Church in Society  

Central City Lutheran Mission,
Inland Congregations United for Change,
Lutheran Maritime Ministry

Social & Humor  

Daily Conversation on what it means to "live Lutheran"

Games at Old Lutheran

Encourage someone with a free e-card at Lutherans Online E-Greeting Cards.


ELCA Prayer Center

Synod & ELCA

How to Contact Synod Resources

Where do we get the words for what ELCA Beliefs - Creeds, Glossary of Terms


Checking how website will look like on different devices   

What has happened over the years in terms of Congregational statistics? Look up Congregational Trend Information
What is happening demographically in our area in general?  Look up Zip Code Information. Region/Synod = 2C.  Congregation ID # =13961 


Texts of explanation and the hymns that Luther wrote that correspond with the 6 areas of The Small Catechism:

  1. The Ten Commandments:Hymn: “That Man a Godly Life Might Live”
  2. The Creed    Hymn: “We All Believe in One True God”
  3. The Lord's Prayer:Hymn: “Our Father, Thou in Heaven Above”
  4. Holy Baptism:Hymn: “To Jordan Came the Christ, Our Lord”
  5. The Office of the Keys and Confession:Hymn: ”From Depths of Woe I Cry to Thee”
  6. The Sacrament of the Altar :Hymn: “O Lord, We Praise Thee”

If you want to go deeper on any one subject, try The Large Catechism.

Christian Education

Spend more time in scripture or hear new texts or old texts in new ways.  One way to do that is to seek out the many different translations and versions of Bibles and other Study Aids available online. 

Where was your favorite verse spoken?  What was going on in that community?  Do different translations use somewhat different words to express that precious idea?  How do those words flavor the message?  Are they more or less inclusive? 

Or meditate on a piece of Christian Art or a Hymn.  How does it speak to you today? 

What do these Biblical messages say to you about our mission in the community of San Bernardino in our time?

Online Bible study resources: (various translations, languages, encyclopedias, concordances, atlases, etc.)

http://www.blueletterbible. org/

Electronic Book Shelf - - Bible versions, Lutheran Texts, Christian Art, Hymns, and other Lutheran Study Aids

For All Ages:  Bible Quizzes, Crosswords, and Word Search!

For Biblical pronunciation (Great for lectors!):

Online Confirmation: Here We Stand





Transition Team Documents

Strategic Plan - Adopted 3/2004, effective to 2006.

Renovation Goals


"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" - Jeremiah 29:11

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